Italian double bassist Orazio Ferrari has gained great critical acclaim for his debut album, the World Premiere Recording "Chopin & Schumann" (Velut Luna, CVLD 245), with the partnership of the Italian and Berlin resident pianist Marco Sanna. In this 2014 release his way to approach the double bass is modern, bold and completely centered to reach the highest musical goals, through an instrument bad-known as soloist and widely misunderstood in classical music. This album must be understood as a summary of his instrumental and musical beliefs.
The Strad has written: "A double bassist appropriates music for cello and for voice with success...he clearly has a passion for Chopin, instinctively tapping into the Cello Sonata Romantic´s vein and employing a natural rubato.", while Gramophone underlines how ”...Ferrari plays the music as written, not transcribed an octave lower as is customary for even the greatest double bass soloists...”. His deep love for chamber music, quite unusual for double bassists, usually relegated into the orchestral anonymity, makes him appearing as soloist and in chamber ensembles in many venues all over the world, counting performances throughout the World.

He is born in Crotone. After early piano studies, started when he was 7 and lasted untill he was 16, he attends the Double-bass course at Conservatory San Pietro a Majella of Naples under Ermanno Calzolari, graduating brilliantly in advance of schedule and achieving, afterwards, a Master Degree in Solo Performing with full marks. Not subdued to this smart education, he moved to Sweden where he achieves another Master Degree at Gothenburg University, discussing a thesis dedicated to Fryderyk Chopin, composer about whom he is a deep and passionate connoisseur. He has improved his studies under two of the purely greatest worldwide Double-bass Master Soloists, such as Franco Petracchi, in Italy and Joel Quarrington (whom he considers to be his menthor), in Canada.

His vivacious spirit of researcher has led him to spread his repertoire by performing "at pitch" original works for Cello. This has represented for him the opportunity to have to deal with cellists, having the chance to take lessons from some outstanding and well-known Soloists.

He has been awarded of a Honour Diploma at 12th Ed. T.I.M. International Music Competition, held in that year in Rome, in the "Solo Strings" section.

He performs without any manipulation of the double-bass tuning, by using exclusively the standard one, the so-called "orchestral tuning" (E-A-D-G).